Infineon & Vishay MOSFETs Severely Impacted By Wuxi Subcon Fire

Infineon & Vishay MOSFETs Severely Impacted By Wuxi Subcon Fire

Infineon & Vishay MOSFETs are facing serious supply issues after a fire broke out in Wuxi, China earlier this month.

Wuxi Welnew Microelectronics (“Welnew”), a sub-tier supplier of several semiconductor manufacturers. Infineon and Vishay, BOSCH and OSRAM, have slowly released information about the effects of the fire on key commodities. MOSFETs and RF Small Signal are among the commodities.

Many major manufacturers are affected by this. Since Wuxi is one of the key suppliers of packaging components. Packages with legs (dip, sot, qfd, flatpak, etc), are most affected. BGA and LGA mostly unaffected. But some have alternative suppliers. Others were at full capacity, and it will take months to restore manufacturing capacity.

Manufacturers 2023

Firstly, Infineon has released a statement informing customers their manufacturing partner will not be able to provide services to Infineon until further notice. They are in close exchange with the affected supplier and are currently assessing the impact on delivery.

And Vishay issued a statement regarding the incident, informing customers,  and that Vishay Siliconix’s plating subcontractor was impacted and they expect disruptions to their delivery. Then All production at the Welnew Wuxi factory has been stopped. It will take approximately 5 months for replacement production lines to be completed and ready to resume normal production. Normal production may re-start in May 2023. Vishay anticipates that there will be some delays during this time.

Besides Infineon & Vishay MOSFETs, OSRAM and BOSCH are also potential Tier-1 impacted suppliers. Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, onsemi, Renesas, Toshiba, amd Seiko Epson


Infineon And Vishay MOSFETs Severely Affected

One of the affected MOSFETs packages, PowerPAK SO-8 , Radeon VTX3D R9 270 X-Edition cards use it:

Taking a quick search, it appears most high-mid end motherboards don’t use the PowerPAK SO-8 package design while some recent low-end appear to use them. For example, Hardware Unboxed in their review called out the Asus Prime B660M-A D4 using SiRA14DP and SiRA12DP MOSFETS. Unfortunately, most Vishay MOSFETs that start with “SiRA-” are using the PowerPAK® SO-8 package

Others I have found that appear to use SiRA14DP and SiRA12DP are:

  • ASUS ROG Strix X570-E,F Gaming = SiRA14DP & SiRA12DP used on Memory VDDR MOSFET

  • ASUS ROG Strix B550-E, F, XE Gaming = SiRA14DP & SiRA12DP used on Memory VDDR MOSFET

  • ASUS Prime B550M-A, K = SiRA14DP & SiRA12DP used on CPU & SoC MOSFET

  • ASUS Prime X570-Pro = SiRA14DP & SiRA12DP used on Memory VDDR MOSFET

  • ASUS TUF Gaming B550M = SiRA14DP & SiRA12DP used on Memory VDDR MOSFET

  • Gigabyte AB350M-D3H = SiRA14DP & SiRA12DP used on CPU, SoC, Memory VDDR MOSFET


This is a constantly changing situation and we are monitoring it closely. Contact True Sources Electronics for more information about supply chain options.

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